• 9 experiences over 10 days
  • 8 hours per day
  • 3 meals a day: organic food & beverage
  • Language: English and Chinese


Kids ages 5 and up (naughty or nice, we love them all!)


Farm and gardening tools, lunch, light snack, water/hot beverages, farming outfit, professional guidance


Explore The Secrets of Farm Owners

Among the many family farms with over 100 years of heritage, each farm owner has their list of treasures. We would like the help from a little hero who can find all the lost treasures in the farmland. We will take you to visit different farms, complete the challenges from the farm owners and eventually.

Farm to Table

Let’s discover the art of ingredients. Every plant has its stories. We want to invite you experience the journey of turning fresh vegetables from our garden to delicious fresh meals on the table. Our nutritional experts will also provide nutritional tips for kids’ meals during the experience, hoping you can take home healthy recipes for your family.

Cheakamus Centre - Canadian Culture Tour

Located 0n the beautiful North Vancouver shoreline, Cheakamus Centre is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Vancouver that provides unique natural and cultural experiences for kids.

As there is a time machine, you could go on a trip and witness caves and waterfalls, as well as indigenous lifestyles from over 100 years ago.

Etiquette Course

Being one member of the British Commonwealth Nations, Canada has incorporated English-style manners in every aspect of life, including table manners. Now kids can experience the elegance of table etiquette from a family who has been serving the England Royal Palace for centuries.

Horseback Riding

Responsibility, companionship and socialization, these are the top traits that people are always looking to develop. These are also the benefits that kids can learn from horseback riding. Come away with our experienced teachers and be a Superman or Wonder Woman on horseback!

Golf Kids Course

Golfing is not just a sport. It is great practice for kids to learn how to be patient and calm. Regular daily practice strengthens the brain's memory circuits. The Province of British Columbia is the #1 golfing destination in Canada. See you on the golf course!

Elite School Tour

 Visit the most elite private and public schools in North America. From the ones located on the coastline of West Vancouver to the ones sitting secretly in the forests. These schools have high education standards, as well as amazing scenery. Our experienced educational expert will sit side-by-side with you. 

Immerse With Nature

Known as one of the most beautiful places by Time Magazine, Banff is the secret gem hiding in the Rocky Mountains. You will be able to appreciate mother nature’s uncanny workmanship through your 5-day trip to Banff.


  • Offer exclusive opportunities for your family to spend time together, dive into nature, and get a breath  of fresh air.  
  • Develop children’s early stage emotional intelligence throughout a wide range of hands-on activities 
  • Sparkle kids’ creativity and sense of experimentation throughout well-designed formats and content by psychology and education professionals.

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