Big Belly Uncle

The Farm Owner

Big Belly Uncle was growing up in a local farm with his sister and grandma. In his childhood, he had to do all the dirty and heavy farming work. Why?



The Farm's Guardian Angel

She is an animal lover and nature enthusiast who lives in the moment, free as the wind.

She found herself on the Farm Of Stories after leaving her job in the city.


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Nature Artist

He is a plant expert, and spends his days making the farm a more beautiful place.

His passion lies in self sustainability methods like growing organic food, composting, water collecting, raising livestock and alternative energy.



Chief Security

Pearl is a tough and strong girl. She keeps the farm safe - like the Wonder Woman!

But she is the spoiled baby, who always steals the show. Watch your shoes! She may steal them away!

Pearl loves food. She can eat the entire world when she is hungry! Pearl has been learning how to do tricks. When you visit the farm next time, remember to say hello to Pearl and check out her tricks.




Trendy Farmer

A fun fact: Bob is a world-class trick performer.

A free tip: If you would like to see Bob’s performance, bring him some dry coconut treats!

The most considerate cutie on the farm! People love Bob - he has hundreds of followers on Instagram!



Our First Hero

Eva is our first naturally hatched chick on the farm. When we first started the farm, we didn’t know how to properly build a safe environment for the hens to lay and hatch their eggs. It was a tough learning process and we were so happy and grateful when we had Eva in August!

She is the happiest one on the farm and follows her mom to every single place.




Rescued bunny

Our newest family addition! Majestic’s last owner couldn’t keep him because his rabbit father hated him. So we decided to adopt him. We are so thrilled to have him join our farm family!

As a bunny, he loves carrots and celery (of course!). Can you help us feed him?



That Half Naked Sheep

He likes ladies. Period.

As the big boss of the community, he protects everyone. However, sometimes he doesn’t like to organize his sheepskin. Sometimes he chases after other sheep and make them go nuts.



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